Visotek Smart Laser Technology

Smart Laser Tools TM

Visotek Inc. develops and manufactures turn-key laser systems and peripheral components that simplify the use of lasers in any environment.  Our products are used across the world in advanced manufacturing plants, military maintenance depots, surgical suites, and research labs. Based on extensive processing expertise our team will determine and select system components best  suited for your application and custom design individual solutions if required.

We specialize in laser integration, custom processing heads and tooling, and system controls. Our peripheral optic components and laser processing heads transform laser energy from a variety of sources into tools for cladding, cleaning, weldingablation, and soldering, to name a few. 


A key area of expertise are direct diode laser applications reaching from a few watts to several hundred watt. Visotek has extensive know-how and experience in diode laser technology, optical beam shaping and process technology and manufactures custom laser modules and turn-key systems in the UV and NIR wavelength range for material processing.

We completely understand the need for reliable, simple and intuitive solutions because we use lasers in our own job shop for high volume production and special boutique runs.  We have access to a variety of laser sources and handling systems to perform feasibility studies, conduct pre-productions runs and validate part quality.