Diode Laser Solutions for Medical Applications

The Technique:

Visotek diode lasers are revolutionizing the operating room and will transform emergency response. A combination medical technology has been developed that utilizes a Visotek DL series diode laser to coagulate an albumin-ICG solder together with a solid transparent albumin scaffold that provides quick and accurate hemostasis and biliary sealing after liver resection surgery or hepatectomy for benign / primary / secondary liver neoplasms. Diode laser tissue welding saves lives because it quickly repairs and controls hemorrhage in patients who cannot clot, and it conserves blood based on a lowered requirement for transfusions. Diode lasers repair without burning therefore salvaging organs and surrounding tissues. The technique shortens required operating times and the reduced trauma to tissue speeds healing and reduces required hospital stays. This technique simplifies split liver transplants, thereby doubling the liver transplantation pool.