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The core advantages of Visotek diode lasers in scientific and research applications lies in our flexibility to deliver solutions that respond to your unique challenges in the laboratory. Visotek’s diode laser systems are rugged, portable, and efficient. They are cost effective, offer superb control and require little or no maintenance, enabling the scientist to focus on the science while Smart Laser Tools™ enable the acceleration of your research

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Dr. John Patten, Professor and Chair of Manufacturing Engineering at Western Michigan University, has received one of six 2009 innovation awards from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Dr. Patten was recognized for developing an innovative micro-laser-assisted machining process that utilizes a Visotek DL series diode laser system.

Called μ-LAM, the process uses a laser directly coupled to a cutting tool to heat and thermally soften material to be machined, with the laser beam passing through the transparent diamond-cutting tool. The process is effective for machining non-ferrous materials that are hard and brittle, such as ceramics and semiconductors. It leaves minimal waste and substantially reduces tool wear.

When you require a diode laser to develop or enable a new technology, Visotek and its Smart Laser Tools™ are here to assist you.

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