Laser Solutions for the Medical Environment

Revolutionizing Medical Devices and the Operating Room

The core advantages of Visotek Smart Laser Tools™ in medical use are their ability to precisely deliver energy that can be selectively absorbed by tissue repair agents and efficient and compatible designs that permit the use of truly high power lasers in the operating room environment.

Visotek supports the medical field with high powered near infrared diode lasers and optical systems that are used in conjunction with optically selective solders to repair internal organs such as the liver. This new approach is precise and effective, avoiding the gross charring of healthy internal organ tissues caused by conventional approaches. Visotek lasers enable the preservation of healthy tissue, a critical success factor in cancer surgeries and battlefield wound hemostasis.

Visotek high power diode laser systems are engineered to achieve high conversion efficiency that eliminates the need for water cooling, thus enabling portability for use in surgery and emergency response. Visit the links below to learn more:

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Laser Tissue Welding

Dr. Yasmin Wadia, Chairman and CEO of Texas-based Laser Tissue Welding, Inc., is starting clinical trials with her patented, laser-mediated method to stop bleeding and perform sutureless surgical repair. Her chosen partner? Visotek Smart Laser Tools™.

Using an 808nm DL series diode laser and two human albumin-based biomaterials, she is repairing organs such as the liver and kidney involved in trauma, cancer and transplantation. Benefits include shorter operating times, instant control of bleeding, decreased morbidity and mortality, reduced hospital stays, lower healthcare costs, fewer transfusions, and a larger donor pool for liver transplants by enabling split-liver transplantation.

When you require a diode laser to be tailored to and qualified for a specific environment … Visotek is your partner.

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