Laser Solutions for Industry

Lasers Deliver Precisely Focused Energy

The core advantage of Visotek’s diode lasers in industrial applications is their electro-optical efficiency, which at nearly 45% surpasses all other types of lasers. Diode lasers also offer the lowest cost of ownership based on the lowered investment in the equipment, no requirement for consumables and minimal maintenance requirements over the life cycle.

Visotek’s diode laser modules and systems are very compact and portable, allowing you to bring the laser to the component or work piece, which is critical in heavy equipment manufacturing or repair. The lasers are easily integrated into existing manufacturing operations and production lines; and have the ability to precisely deliver focused energy with excellent repeatability and reliability. These Smart Laser Tools™ are intuitive and easy to operate and we can integrate your chosen standard controls system so operators will feel right at home with the new equipment.

Diode lasers offer selective heating of part surfaces and low heat input into the bulk material, which leads to low distortion of processed components or surrounding surfaces. Material can be removed with meticulous accuracy without damage to the substrate. Diode lasers offer an environmentally friendly manufacturing advantage in a world that is increasingly interested in reducing its impact on the environment and use of energy. Visit the links below to learn more:

Laser Applications Products and Services
Laser Cladding
Plastics Welding
Hardening and Heat Treating
DL Laser
DLF Laser
Laser Processing Tools
Laser Spare Parts



  • Automotive
    • Remote controll keys
    • Headlights, tail lights
    • Pump housings
    • Instrument Clusters
  • Medical
    • Catheter bags
    • Medical containers
    • Syringe tamper evident joints
  • Electronics packaging
  • Textiles
  • Microfluidic devices
  • Food packaging
  • Non-contact, emission-free process
  • Low thermal and mechanical load
  • High quality welds, excellent visual appearance
  • Hermetically sealed joints
  • Complex geometries and 3-D designs
  • Shortest cycle times
  • Low life-cycle cost

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