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The core advantages of Visotek diode lasers in defense applications are their efficiency, compact size and ruggedness. Compared with other conventional lasers, Visotek’s diode lasers are far smaller and offer the highest efficiency at up to 45%. This power efficiency translates directly into portability. The diode laser and turnkey systems are rugged, and modular and therefore scalable. It is straightforward to build in redundant capability, provide excellent system control, and minimize or eliminate maintenance.

Visotek supports defense applications including the development of a special handheld laser delivery system that utilizes a high power diode laser for cleaning, cladding and painting in one operation. The system was designed for the passivization of metals to resist corrosion in new naval construction. Other developments include a special laser scanning optic capable of handling laser powers up to 10 kW. The scanner was designed for laser welding of sandwich panels for shipbuilding. Current work includes the development of a portable laser system capable of providing emergency medical response to promote hemostasis and save lives on the battlefield. Visit the links below to learn more:

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Visotek partnered with the Navy to develop a portable high power diode laser system to be utilized on naval destroyers for advanced metal passivization of corrosion prone areas. A special handheld optics was developed that combines the performance of three processes into a single operation. First, laser cleaning is applied to remove weld slag, contaminants, and rust. Second, a dense layer of corrosion resistant material is deposited via laser cladding. Third, an epoxy powder is sprayed onto the treated zone and melted by the heat remaining from the cladding process.

The MetalPass system offers precise controllability of laser processing enabling high quality metal passivization layers for contained areas of new structures, as well as repair, even within areas of limited accessibility. Laser cleaning evaporates the contaminates from the surface to be treated and the debris is collected by a vacuum system. Since laser cleaning is a dry process, it is environmentally friendly. Laser cladding is a unique process that deposits a cathodic protection layer directly over the corrosion prone area. The painting system uses the residual heat from the cladding process to apply an epoxy topcoat without overspray in a precisely controlled area.

When you require a portable diode laser solution, Visotek and its Smart Laser Tools™ are your partners.

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