Production Tooling and Test Bed Setups

Process specific and part dedicated tooling is a key aspect to achieving high production efficiency and consistent, high quality parts.  Visotek designs and manufactures

  • Semi- and fully-automated tooling
  • Processing enclosures
  • Testbeds
tailored to the requirements of specific laser applications.
Visotek's experienced design team utilizes the latest design and simulation software to optimize tooling performance.  Integrated PLC-controllers and sensors not only detect the presence and the correct positioning of the parts, but also control correct and safe operation.  Our in-house machine shop provides the flexibility required to address last minute design changes and significantly reduces the lead time of the final product.
Our broad spectrum of services cover tooling for high volume part manufacturing applications all the way to customized test bed setups for use in application labs. 
Examples include:
  • Laser processing enclosures for high speed, on-the-fly web processing
  • Automated tooling for plastic welding of tail lights for passenger cars (65,000 parts/year)
  • Dual life-center tooling for welding of light truck engine components (200,000 parts/year)

Automated tooling for Plastic Welding of Taillights