A portable diode laser system with a special hand-guided optic for advanced metal passivization of corrosion prone areas. The system performs two processes in one operation:

  • First, laser cleaning is applied to remove paint, weld slag, contaminants, and rust.
  • Second, a dense layer of corrosion resistant material is deposited via laser cladding

System Components

The system is comprised of:

  • A portable turnkey laser system
  • A control unit with integrated powder feeder
  • Hand-guided optics

Features and Benefits

  • The portability of MetalPass enables the system to be brought to the part
  • The simultaneous performance of two operations in one reduces required labor and results in a cost-effective repair process
  • The compact handguided tool allows treatment of areas, even with limited accessibility
  • The environmental friendliness of laser cleaning eliminates the need for additional blasting media, the creation of hazardous waste and the issues of containment and subsequent disposal
  • The cleaning debris is exhausted from the processing area and filtered, protecting both the workforce and the environment
  • Laser cladding results in superior corrosion resistance, extending the service life of the treated areas


Applications are unlimited for anything with localized corrosion of steel structures. Specific examples include:

  • Areas of joined structures; such as weld zones
  • Areas where accessibility is limited
  • Repair of sections missed in wide area robotic cladding 


  • Shipbuilding & repair facilities
  • Military maintenance depots
  • Infrastructure, bridges, railroads
  • Power generation
  • Oil & gas pipelines
  • HazMat storage
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Mold repair
  • Lead paint removal
  • Building construction
  • General industrial stripping