Flexible Laser Optic (FLO)

A unique scanning optic that can be paired with a variety of extremely high power laser sources up to 15 kW, using water-cooled mirrors and a special compact high power drive. The FLO automatically locates the weld line, closed loop with the physical beam steering, separate from the motion of the robotic manipulator. Originally developed for laser welding of thick section materials, the system has also been installed for sheet metal welding, spot and stitch welding, and wide area robotic laser cleaning and cladding. The system requires only minimal interfacing with the laser machine or robot, making setup and changeover an efficient operation.

Features and Benefits

  • Full 3D capability
  • Integrated autofocus
  • Quick mount and minimal interfacing to motion system
  • Optional seam tracking and quality monitoring
  • Varying weld lines and materials



Laser welding of sandwich panels


  • Oscillating laser focus results in a wide weld bead in a single path
  • High quality weld from the side or through the top plate eliminates flipping of large plates
  • Self-fixturing tab & slot design eliminates tooling
  • Process enables complex geometries


High speed spot welding

Alternative to resistance spot welding

  • >250 spots/min with one tool
  • No part-dedicated tooling flexible robot mounted tooling

Alternative to laser remote welding

  • Full 3D capability
  • Doubled production speed at same laser power
  • Standard high power laser with up to 15 kW output power
  • Greatly simplified tooling and assist gas delivery
  • Retrofit existing laser/robot equipment