Visotek DLF Diode Laser Series

High Power Fiber Coupled Diode Lasers

The Visotek DLF Series is a high power fiber coupled diode laser with multiple options and combinations of output powers, wavelengths, and fiber sizes. You can acquire laser module or a turnkey system, which integrates the laser module and peripheral components – controller, power supply, and chiller.

The diode laser module consists of a high-power, semiconductor laser stacked array and optical components that enable the beam to be efficiently coupled into a detachable and interchangeable, single step index fiber. Fiber core diameters range from 600 μm to 1,200 μm with output powers from 300 W to multiple kW. Fiber optic cables offer flexible and reliable beam delivery solution providing a uniform laser beam directly to the work piece. Visotek also offers direct diode laser solutions, if the application does not require fiber coupling.

Customized systems are available upon request and may include processing heads for a variety of laser operations including welding, cladding, cutting, and heat treatment. Aiming lasers and monitoring sensors, such as cameras and pyrometers, are available as options to complete the system. “Fail-Safe” technology ensures reliable and safe operation.

Visotek offers a wide range of controllers which can be customized to your needs. Options include microcontrollers, PC controlled units. We also offer integration of standard industrial controllersthat are already in use in your operation. The system is capable of managing individual and multiple DLF units simultaneously.

DLF Series Specifications

Maximum Output Power [W] 500 1000
Wavelength (nm) 808, 915, 940, 980
808, 915, 940, 980
Number of Wavelengths 1 1
Fiber Core [µm] 600, 1000
Fiber Length 5m, Other Lengths Available Upon Request
Fiber Termination
External Water
Temperature [°C] 10
Flow rate [gal/min] 4 4

User Interface (GUI)
External Customer Interface
Safety Interlocks, Digital I/O, Analog power control (0-10V); Ethernet/IP

Turn-key System Enclosure Standard 19" rack