Diode Laser Cladding

The Technique:
Laser cladding is a process for applying powder or wire bases metals that are melted and deposited onto a metal substrate utilizing a diode laser as the heat source. The cladding material is chosen based on the substrate material and the desired properties of the part being clad. The selected material will provide corrosion resistance, wear resistance or higher hardness depending on its expected use. Visotek diode lasers provide precisely controlled heat input to the cladding process, creating a strong metallurgical bond with a very small heat affected zone and minimal dilution. The laser achieves a consistent layer thickness with little or no porosity. The enhanced surface properties can be achieved in a single pass. The process is very repeatable and well suited for automation. Cladding is applied to protect highly stressed surfaces on new parts or for the repair or resurfacing of worn or damaged components.