About Visotek:

Visotek is a privately held business incorporated in the State of Michigan in 2001.  Visotek's mission is to develop and advance solutions that simplify the use of lasers in any environment.  We are the premier provider of Smart Laser Tools ™ for a broad range of applications.

Our employees are forward thinkers that are encouraged to create outside the boundaries of convention.  We are passionate about lasers and we are driven to exceed our customer’s expectations.  Visotek is working toward true innovations that span product and process improvement and provide tools for industrial manufacturing, the medical sector and the protection of our homeland.  


  •          Custom solutions for Turn-key Laser Processing Systems
  •          Control systems and Laser drivers
  •          Laser processing tools (optics, fixtures)
  •          Diode laser integration
  •          Process development and validation


  •         15,000 sqft facility
  •         Cleanroom for laser assembly & testing
  •         Electrical lab and mechanical pre-assembly
  •         Robotic laser process development cells
  •         CNC machine shop for accelerated prototyping and part manufacture
  •         Metallurgical lab
  •         Multi-kW lasers and work cells for process validation and contract manufacturing